Have They Learned Something?

Have They Learned Something?

I wonder if the new government of Egypt has learned a thing or two from the last encounter with democratic sentiments.
Yes, there are the business considerations that have to be had.
But there’s the larger social problems and conflicts that the government also needs to address, if they are going to mitigate the disaster of the revolution and restore sustainable, just and legitimate order to Egyptian society.
It’s steps like these that will cause the Brotherhood to fade into the dust, as far as popular support is concerned, so that only the loyal zealots are left behind.
It’s governing in such a way that the businesses of Egypt work as something more than private piggy banks for the generals who own them.
It’s about effective management of a society and providing a certain level of care and consideration for the well being and sentiments of the general population.
It’s more than just top down, if you want to stay in power.
It’s a collaboration between government and people, state and society.
It’s about looking after your citizens, and being looked after by them.
Egypt may have grown weary of the street violence and the street revolution.
But that doesn’t mean that a revolution still can’t happen within the halls of power, where it actually matters and counts for the sake of the governing.
We’ll see.
Perhaps I may have underestimated the Egyptian leadership.
Then again, al-Sisi is also the same assh*le who wanted to have no restrictions on the military and on the security forces.
Bad form and amateurish dictator stuff that is.
Silly brain.
Think about it!

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