Saw This Coming….

Saw This Coming….

Well, congratulations, Haitians.
You voted for the weaker candidate for governing, and now you’re paying the price of it.
Saw that coming a mile away.
Honestly, this is how/why governing becomes so important.
This is how/why education becomes so important.
It’s not just about politics.
It’s not just about stuffing your own shirts and your friends’ shirts.
It’s about people.
And this is the price government members pay, when push comes to shove.
Would that the citizens of these societies have the sense to grow themselves around these kinds of government.
But, that takes government regulations, government enforcement, government choices and government investment.
Voting won’t be any better, so long as people are kept dumbed down with sub-par curricula and highly superstitious societies.
And, people will just resort to violence, when they don’t get what they need/want from voting.
Silly brains.
Think about it!

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