The Perfect Metaphor

The Perfect Metaphor

Mr. Ford, undoubtably is, the perfect living metaphor for conservative governance.
Unhappily drunk, senseless, and callous to everything except the pocket books of the already well to do, these people neither care effectively about the society that they’re in charge of, or the actual consequences that their actions have on that society in the first place.
While I am in favor of an effective and efficient government, I am not unmoved by the suffering of others, nor do I deliberately keep myself in the dark about the various features of this social, environmental and cosmological universe in order to continue justifying incorrect views about said universes and how they actually function.
I’m sick of the rich trying to unburden themselves like spoiled children, from the “burdens” of having to pay a little more in taxes, or to pay more to their employees.  What good are these delusional parasites to the rest of the world?
And, how is it that we keep giving them influence in our governmental worlds, where they only abuse?
This is seriously like some kind of surreal, abusive relationship.
And, while I would love it if it would all stop immediately, I am fully aware that that is not in my power to do so.
And so, until the rest of society decides to act, we’re going to be stuck with bums like Mr. Ford popping in and out of power.
And, while this continues to happen, through the continued, concerted efforts of the rich to make marginally more every year or quarter, the rest of society, and the condition of the rich within that society, will continue to degrade.
All for a little perceived, temporary “releif” from the natural burdens of this world.
And nothing more.Think about it.


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