This Is What Actually Happens

This Is What Actually Happens

This is what the free market actually does.
When government does not step in to at least ensure that wealth is being pumped back down into the general public, through either wage and benefit increases or improvements in education and healthcare, the already rich are the only ones who win.while the average person loses.
What is the point of holding out for the rich, in case lightening strikes you twice and you become rich like they do?
Sadly, that was not the logic that my parent’s generation had, for when it came to confronting the social and economic issues of the 1980’s through til the present.  And, they’re the ones who are actually paying for it, along with their chilrden and grandchildren and, potentially, great grand children.
Such short sighted, misconceived behavior!
And, most of it comes from the rich, who could not, would not and do not see the value in anyone else having wealth, even though the empirical evidence shows that it leads to wealth when other people are allowed to have wealth and to be able to spend it accordingly.
This happens before we discuss the political effects that happe when one group takes so much from so many, and the ramifications of those political effects on the general society and on the rich who take them.
It’s not healthy for the society or for the rich.
And it is the rich who pay the actual price in the long and short term, on this plane of existence, rather than on some imagined fantasy one.
Such is the lesson from history.Think about it.


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