That’s what happens when you’re not paying all of your attention to politics, rather than governing.

You lose governing, you lose politics.

That’s what the current Democratic leadership failed to appreciate and except.

And, now, we’re in this pickle, where the insurance companies are still being allowed to call the shots, while people are still getting ripped off of health insurance.

Why does everything that we do in the American society HAVE to make money?

Why can’t healthcare and medicine be a mandatory “not for profit” thing, as opposed to a for profit enterprise?

Why do we always have to do what the business leaders want, when it comes at the absolute expense of the society and the people who actually make the money and compose the society they make their money off of?

This is inane.

And I WISH that I could help the Democrats get out of bed with the bankers and the businesses; to set a clear distinction between Republican and Democratic leadership and to win political votes, as opposed to just campaign money.

It’s not in the interests of the well to do to choke out the society or to deny them their station in the polity.

That is how revolutions have happened in the past.

That is how you get disillusionment with the social, political and economic system.

That’s how you get the ultimate collapse of said social, political and economic systems, regardless of what you think, feel, believe or are willing to accept.

That’s the joke that’s played on the rich.

And it’s all thanks to the condition of their brains that it works like that.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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