A Choice to Make

A Choice to Make

Ah, ye enteriprising Yankees.

You’ve got a choice to make, between making money and family.

It’s apparent where most of the American society stands.

They stand with family and home for a few days out of the year.

However, there is the minority few in the business elite who can’t, won’t and/or don’t get the picture.

Their values are not with family, in spite of what their Republican cohorts claim.

It shows in their actions, their choices and their actual decisions.

And that’s what the American business culture, and the American society needs to decide upon, when push comes to shove.

Is it really worth idolizing these folks who literally have nothing but piles of money to show for their efforts in life?

Is it really worth mimicking those who have given up everything that normal human beings want and desire for a little extra cash?

Are we as pathological, neurological and in need of help as they are?

Or are we a bigger society than they ever can hope to imagine and comprehend?

And, can we still embrace them with empathy, love, sympathy and support by denying them the power that they’ve gained and used to abuse us for all these millenia and centuries?

The choice is up to you, America.

Psychiatric treatment?

Or death?

The choice is up to you all.

And, business leaders, you play a role in determining which gets done.

Surrender now, and expect to be treated well.

Continue your policies, attitudes and approaches to governing, and you’ll more likely end up looking down the wrong end of a gun.

That’s what history and human behavior has taught us after all these centuries.

Is it really worth the cash and the “principle” that’s behind the cash?

Choose well.

Cause I don’t see another way around it.

And it’s all going to be thanks to your brains as to whether or not you all will pass this test of evolutionary strength and adaptation.


Think about it.

And enjoy.


Think about it.


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