A New Definition for Value in Finance

If the definition and purpose of finance is to produce value in our world, than we need a much much broader definition of value.

What is value?

To whom?


For what reason?

When you look at it, we’re both biological and psychological agents.

We both have physical needs and mental needs.

When you think about it, we technically need our biological needs satisfied first, even though many human beings would also prioritize thier psychological needs, equal to or ahead of their biological needs.

The fact is, is that we need to survive first as a species, if we are going to live.

The fact is, is that each one of us needs the living super-organism that is our collective society in order to survive and be well.

The fact of the matter is, is that people need the environment and the society in order to survive, be well and be happy.

So where does money fit into all of this?

Technically, it’s just an invention that we’ve thought of to make bartering and bargaining much simpler.

We neither need it for our biological health, in the strictest of senses, nor do we need to amass more than we can spend in a lifetime.

So, how is it that bankers, banks and financiers, tend to forget and/or neglect these chief features about that which they work with most?

How is it that they neglect their biological needs first, above their psychological need to be wealthy at any cost to their biological and sociological health?

How is it that they fail in this basic sense test that separates those who can survive and be well from those who can’t or won’t?

And how is it that they’re the ones who are calling the shots, in spite of their damaged abilities to sense the world that is around them and that they are apart of?

Quite frankly, what you’re experiencing around you is what you get when you prioritize wealth over health; when you set a narrow and artificial definition of value to stuff you don’t really need and, technically, shouldn’t really want.

The world that we’re experiencing is what happens when people with actually poor priorities set the rules and enforcement methods in our world.

And, the world that we’re living in today, is a world where artifical, psychological needs are placed above genuine and objectively biological needs.

This world will fall, and take its priests with it.

The only questions that remain are how badly is it going to fall and how many people are going to go with it?

Welcome to the universe beyond your brain and your brains’ hopes, wishes, desires, intentions and cares.

It’s inhospitable to the fanciful, the delusional and the psychologically unstable and inept.

And yet, these are the people who are actually governing in this world, for one reason and another.

And, it’s a shame that the political leadership has not targetted and removed these psychologically inept and unbalanced individuals, for their sake and benefit as well as for ours.

We need a broader definition of value, to include the whole of the species, and to include the whole spectrum of our physical needs first, and our psychological needs second.

And that’s the new purpose of finance that I’m proposing.

Think about it.


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