A Possible Path Forward

I did not ask to have this sight.

I did not ask to see how history works, or to perceive how economies, societies, governments, banks, the environment, the universe beyond this planet all functions as one cohesive unit, if this is an accurate and complete list of relevant aspects for this universe in the first place.

I did not ask to see its increasingly rapid death or solutions which may, or may not, solve its death (provided that they’re carried out in time to stop the death).

I am only as I am.

And I didn’t volunteer for any of it.

I don’t know where else I can go to get these ideas out into society and into the relevant political, financial and economic areas to prevent the collapse of Capitalism.

But I do know that FEMACorps isn’t the place for this kind of stuff.

And, I’m beginning to doubt whether I will be able to make it in time to prevent the worst of the collapse from happening, such that only the necessary pieces break to enable real function in our economy, society and polity for the sake of all its members, including for those who are causing the lion’s share of the problems at present.

We will always be faced with difficulties and disasters and, there will come a time when the species will not carry on to the next round of the universe in its present form.  Life itself may die out entirely as the universe naturally shifts to another shape or form.  But the universe is still there, regardless of what our brains may say.

We’re still in it and of it.

And, we’re all going to die, now, on this level of existence, if we don’t get our environment, society, economy and governments in order.

Priority number one, at present, is to change the governments of the world, such that politicians are more in tune with their own self interests, as leaders of our nations and societies, hetergenous and homogenous.  The next priority would be to convince the bankers, financiers and investors to take on a more broad logic for when it comes to the prioritization of money and human health, relative to the environment and to each other. We could also prioritize convincing the bankers, financiers and Capitalists to change first, and use their influence to change our politics.  That is a less certain path though, due to the fact that they are the ones who are truly suffering, and won’t see the immediate benefits of getting rid of their wealth.  We need the backing of society through the State, in order to realize our fullest potential, I think.  If neither of these options work, the might of society through government needs to come down on the bankers and business people, such that we are getting a more holistic logic in our economics towards our environment and our society as a whole.  Should the government fail at this, the society will need to take the lead and circumvent the officially legitimate authority of the government and, thus, take down both bankers and politicians, such that society is able to, somehow, restart itself from the base elements that begin it and, thus, work itself out naturally over the course of time towards unknown ends and histories.

It would be better if this were controlled for everyone.  Fewer lives would be lost and more certainty could be made for our individual and collective well being, present and future.

Yet, we are all bound by the dictates of fate and the collective actions that we each and all take towards one another and to the universe as a whole that we are of.  I personally have no idea how this will actually turn out, even though I have very strong feels towards where I would hope for it to turn out, for everybody’s sake.

As much as the Buddhists say that we are all bound by our own actions and our own doing, I still believe that there is something else that keeps us here, on this plane of existence, in suffering, that defies our choices, our decisions and our hopes and dreams, such that we end up befuddled, confused, and back where we started.

The Hindus call this force Shakti.

And, I think it is one of the most accursed forces in the universe, even though, there is nothing that I or anyone else can do about it, to break it.

That is how we’re kept here, regardless of what we do to try and break out of it.

And, that is partially how we’re stuck here in this condition, I think, in spite of our merit and abilities to be other than what we actually are, at present.

What is the purpose of suffering in this universe, if it fails to instruct us appropriately to what we did to cause it?

And, how is it that we’re still stuck in worsening conditions, in spite of the simple and easy possibility for escape?

Things that cause me to seriously doubt this universe, and its functionality.

Silly brains.

Think about it.

Silly brains indeed.

Think about it.


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