All For Conservatism

All For Conservatism

All because of the conservatives’ notion that there isn’t anything wrong with what we’re actually doing towards the environment, just to justify an obsolete aspect of our economy.
Seriously, this whole “burying the facts” to justify not adapting to changing situations is really pissing me off.
What good is being a powerful species, or a powerful member of the species, if you’re unable and/or unwilling to adapt to changing conditions?
Even the mighty predators of the dinosaur era died off like the rest of them.  They at least, didn’t just die off due to their conscious unwillingness to change.  Their inability to change was at least biological and beyond their control.
What’s our excuse, oh we of the changeable brains?
Think about it.
Because we’re all going to die for the sake of a few people’s relative wealth and a few people’s relative “power” over this universe.
And it is all thanks to their mal-adaptable and mal-adapted brains that they come out to be like they actually are.
Silly brains.
Think about it.

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