Fear and Conservatism

Fear and Conservatism

“When I asked a Republican senator this question, he was surprisingly honest: “Fear,” he said. Fear of an American future that looks different from the present.”
It is this fear in conservatism that makes them ill suited to being in power or being listened to when it comes to serious decision making.
Adaptation is a natural, normal and unstoppable process.  You either conform to the ever changing reality that is around you, or you die, physically and memetically.
If they had actually payed attention to biology and empirical facts about our world, they would easily recognize this as a natural feature of this world.  Instead, they cling to their ever present, never shifting vision of how the world ought to be.
Out of fear that, somehow, the world is going to be different than it is today or was yesterday.
And that’s the only “reason” that’s behind it.
For people who are such fans of history, the conservatives have very rarely actually looked or learned from any of it.  Much like how, while they profess on their hands and knees that they’re so pious, they actually prove to be rather vicious and brutal creatures, unsensed and uncaring about the world around them, and the consequences that they have on the world.
And it’s all thanks to their mal-adapted, mal-evolved brains that the work like this.
Untreated, they are a menace to society and to themselves.
And, I think it’s time that we simply ignored them, and make/accept the changes that are in front of us, for our own tangible sake and our own tangible benefit.
Silly brains….
It’s time to evolve.
Think about it.

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