How is Austerity Working Out?

How is Austerity Working Out?

Seriously, how does cutting people off from being able to spend money in the economy really help things work?Yes, you have to produce something in order to have something.

That’s what the Greeks, the Italians, the Spanish and the Portuguese failed to accept or appreciate.
However, if you can’t spend money, how are you supposed to work your way out of debt?How do you produce something from nothing?

And, how is it that the states or the EU aren’t going after the banks while forgiving the debt that the individual people owe?

It worked in Iceland.

It makes sense from an empirically based systems approach to viewing the economy.
How on Earth hasn’t it been done elsewhere, for the sake of the people, and the governments that are being challenged by Fascist organizations?
Silly brains….
All for someone else’s greed.
And nothing else, so far as we can tell, at the moment.Silly, poorly prioritized and mal-adapted political, financial and social brains.

Think about it.

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