It’s Not Fixed

It’s Not Fixed

The most we can say about the markets now, is that they’re addicted to the bond-buying behavior of the Fed.

This is just propelling the government deeper into debt, just to appease the short term, perceived interests of the investor and banker class.

This says nothing about the actual value of a company or its actions.

It says nothing about how the economy is doing for the human society as a whole, and the environment that it needs to be maintaining, sustaining and working to grow.

And, this brand of Capitalism will be the death of itself, and of the species as a whole, if nothing is done by the government, its members or the bankers to mitigate these problems that they’re hurtling the entire society towards, including themselves.

Such pathological brain states ought to either be locked up for their own safety at the very least, executed at the very most, for the damage that they do to the environment, the society and themselves in the process of harming the society and the environment.

It’s all connected; there is no distinction between the self and the larger social/environmental world that is around you except for that which your brain incorrectly sends to you.

We’ve got a choice to make as a species, between health and wealth, between financial success and personal gratification, between survival and death, between economic, social and political function and dysfunction.

It’s time to choose, humanity.

And it’s only going to be your brain that determines which way you’re going to go, on the grand scale of gray between extremes.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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