The President Gets an “F”

The President Gets an “F”

What a way to sum up the President.
What a way to sum up how badly he and his Party failed to recognize the wishes, desires, hopes and aspirations of the American public, and to, hopefully, permanently turn the table on the Reaganites and their political cohorts within society.
The professor is right.
Obama failed to accept, acknowledge and/or sense the political realities of the world outside of the Beltway and Wall Street.
He chose to surround himself with the same people whose philosophies and understandings about the economy were, according to Alan Greenspan of all people, to blame for the collapse in the first place.
What Obama and the Democrats don’t seem to recognize, much to their own loss, is that the Church of Capitalism is dying.
It’s proven to be nothing more than a great scheme to centralize wealth and relative “power” in the hands of a few individuals who don’t have the public’s best interests at heart.
And, this social-political model is, once again, slowly killing itself off by the days, months and years, along with the rest of society due to the damage that it causes to the society, the economy and the environment.
Capitalism is dead.
Long live Complexity and a more socially minded economy!!Think about it!


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