No Inbetween

golden_buddha_statue_begging_bowlNo Inbetween

The natural laws of humanity, society, economic function and environmental interconnectedness can be considered immovable features of this universe.

They are permanent, as far as we’re concerned on this plane of existence.

Could they change?


But, for now, they’re permanent aspects of the universe; permanent aspects of the species, and they’ll stay with us from now, until the end of our time on this planet and beyond, elsewhere.

Those who are not aware of this are ignorant.

Those who are not aware of this are, actually, very dangerous to themselves and to others.

And, those who are not aware of this, are in need of being locked away in mental hospitals, for psychiatric diagnosis and treatment for not being aware of this plane of existence and not being aware or caring to be aware of the consequences of their actions on this plane of existence to others, and to themselves.

It’s time that we reign in on this bs we call “conservatism”.

And it’s time that we reign in on those who identify and behave/think/act like conservatives, such that they can get the help that they apparently need, such that they can live healthy, productive lives, without killing themselves and all others off.

It’s a disease.

Totally a disease.

And it needs to be treated as such, if we are going to be able to advance onto the next round of existence, let alone, be able to live on the same plane of existence that we’re living on.

This is a parting of the ways.

Either you’re in or out, with all the shades of gray between the two extremes.

And it’s all thanks to your brain that you’re either able and/or willing to be well on this plane of existence, or not.

Think about it.


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