This is what happens when you try to lead by dictate or by force rather than by example.

This is also what happens when your country, society and/or government participated in horrific crimes against humanity around the world, in the name of Capitalism, empire and a very skewed notion of civilization.

I don’t think it excuses Sri Lanka from treating all of its citizens well.  These so called Theravada Buddhists don’t seem very Buddhist at all.

But, that is the tack that I would take, if I were the UK, understanding that that would mean Sri Lanka moves closer to China than to the Western powers.

The morality and practicality of treating your citizens well doesn’t go away, just because a hypocrite points them out.

And that’s what I would say to Sri Lanka, in the hopes of changing their hearts and brains about the Hindu Tamils.

Not very Buddhist behavior.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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