“The art of war…

“The art of war is of vital importance to the State.” -Sun Tzu

While this may not be true as far as constant competition is concerned amongst the species, I think it is true as far as conflict against common problems in our society is concerned, including and not limited to, making sure that people are able to eat and drink, making sure that people are adequately housed, treated for illness and conditions, protected from natural and/or man-made disasters, educated and, in general, are kept healthy and well by the effects of the government and its policies.

Conflict will be apart of this universe, within the species and against the elements of the universe.

Therefore, why not shift our attention from conflict with each other to conflict against the elements?

Why not cooperate amongst nations and states towards common goals for mutual benefit and sacrifice the unsustainable and self-destructive excesses of empire?

Why constantly compete when there is no need for competition for something we shouldn’t really be wanting in the first place?

Will this all fall on deaf ears?

Think about it.


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