Practicality vs. Legality

Practicality vs. Legality

For me, it’s not a question about the legality of the drone program, but of the practicality of it.

Who cares if something is against human-based laws?  That’s not what’s actually important.

What matters is if they’re in line with natural laws, concerning humanity, human behavior and combat.

The drone program is only increasing the amount of people willing to come out and fight us.  It is only prolonging the war without actually winning it.  It is bad tactics to be using against the Taliban, as is the prolonged combat against the Taliban.

Wars should be brief, swift and decisive.  They should neither be about conquest nor trying to occupy or impose something onto another people.  Those wars are indecisive, inconclusive, long, messy and frequently lead to increased problems for the nation that is attempting to fight them.

A shame that our civilian and military leaders don’t, won’t or can’t see it like that.

A shame that they’re beholden to a financial system that prioritizes marginal financial gain over tangible well being and health.

A shame that they, themselves, seem to have bought into this system that destroys them as well as the financiers.

And a shame that the people are taking so long to rear their heads against such a system that works against everybody’s interests, including the people who “gain” from it.

Silly brains, all around.

Think about it.


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