Rules, Rules, Everywhere Rules

Part of why we’re in the jam that we’re in, is because too many of the top people in our society are only good at following the rules.  Human made rules are there to structure our world.  But they do not ultimately govern it.

We have rules for society, rules for social interactions.  We have rules for how to eat, how to talk, how to dance.

And the only people who seem to rise to prominence in our culture, at the very least, are just those who are good at following rules, rather than those who know how to make them for their own sake and benefit in the fullest of contexts.

It’s no wonder that the world is so dysfunctional, with so many people who simply grin and follow the rules by rote, rather than think or sense whether or not the rules are really necessary, acceptable or sustainable in the first place.

Such a silly world, where those who have the most responsibility for their actions are the ones who have shirked it all their lives and never really came to know the power of cause and effect, or the consequences of their actions or the value of being aware of such conditions in the empirical world that is around us.

Such a silly place.

Such a silly people.

Think about it.


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