So Much For Trickle Down

So Much For Trickle Down

Looks to me that, when left to their own devices, the top simply act as a sponge, taking up the lion’s share of the wealth, rather than reinvest it in the rest of society.
What good is wealth if you’re not going to be able to spend it in your lifetime?What good is drawing a 243% higher compensation packet if you can’t spend it all within a year (including by setting money aside for savings)?

Are these people really worth that much more than the basic employee who also spends most of their living hours at work in far worse conditions than the rich?
And, how is it that we’re accepting and/or tolerating this piece of social and economic dysfunction?
Silly brains.
It’s when people are able to spend in the economy that the economy is able to do better.  It makes it more reliable, more dynamic and more sustainable from a social point of view.  If wealth was invested wisely, it could also be used to make our world more sustainable from an environmental point of view (which is far more critical, in my view, than the social view, because that’s what will enable us to survive and have a social view).
What good is economy if it is not being used to prop up the whole of society in general?
And, how/why are we accepting this nonsense from people who are not reading the tea leaves of reality correctly, from a strictly objective and empirical view of social, economic and environmental function?
What good is the economy to anyone, including the elites, if it is not being used to fuel the society as a whole?Think about it.


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