The Most Dangerous Thing for the Powerful

The Most Dangerous Thing for the Powerful

This is probably one of the most dangerous things that can happen to the powerful, from the perspective of maintaining power.  Even though all the weight may be on one side of the relationship, the fact of the matter is is that the supposedly “weak” can still very much hurt the powerful when they are not responsive and are callouse and/or uncaring to their needs.
A spouse can walk out of a relationship, leaving the other alone.
An employee can actively seek different employment and leave the company they’re currently at.
And a people can always rise up and wreak havoic for those who are in power, if not directly and explicitly remove them from power.
In general, it is better to develop peaceful and harmonious relations with the people who are under you.  The social and personal contract that binds the top to the bottom never goes away.  The bottom can always get rid of and find a new top, given enough time and degrees of grief.
The bottom may not always be capable of fighting their way out of a thin, paper bag.
But, when engaged and/or enraged, they are a force greater than any one smaller group can reckon with.
Hence how hamony and gentility needs to be maintained with the feeling beast that is human society, rather than a hostile atmosphere of exploitation and abuse.
Yet it’s all thanks to some of our brains that it doesn’t work so well.
Hence how we’ve gotten most revolutions throughout time and space, at the expense of the current elites who failed to acknowledge and accept these facets of humanity and human nature.
Silly brains.
Think about it!

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