When Government Is Away

When Government Is Away

This is what happens when you don’t have government anymore.
Whoever is armed has the power, and it severly limits your economic, social and environmental prospects.
Let the Libertarians ballyhoo about government mandating them into “health insurance”.Let the conservatives complain about government preventing bankers and businesspeople from destroying our environmental and social worlds.

Let them have their own country to ruin.
And show for a fact what happens when you’re all focused on psychological gratification over physical realities.
Cause in the end, while we may not behave as Maslow predicted all those years ago, we’re still bound by those same natural laws in the order that he described.
You cannot think yourself to be free, if you lack the food, the water or the wealth to sustain that brain of yours.
That’s the only place where actual freedom exists.
Just a hallucination in your head.
And nothing more.
Think about it.

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