A Teaching

In my understanding of Buddhism, the highest state a person can attain on planet Earth (or anywhere else in the universe) is that of a Dharma teacher.

Buddha himself was just a Dharma teacher, and his teachings may be having an effect far beyond this planet or this plane of existence.

After all, if the gods or the spirits or the demons and otherworldly creatures of this world were Enlightened, would they have created such a mess out of this world or any other world that they occupy?

Even the demons need the universe in order to exist!

Why should they work to destroy that which they need to exist, if they were, actually, Enlightened?

Self-interest is probably one of the most influential concepts in the universe, even greater than that of other-interest.  It’s more immediate, and it relates to the individual being personally, rather than with all other beings that are around them.

However, what has been lost of the demons and the “self” interested beings of this world and others, is that the interests of the other is the same as the interest of the self.

One’s own place in this world is put at risk when one works to destroy any other that is around them, however distant they may be, regardless of direction.

Therefore, in order to realize a happier world for ones’ own self, do something nice for other people and other living beings of this plane of existence and others!

Yet it’s a question of whether or not your brain is going to be able to perceive, conceive and work with these concepts.  That’s where the buggaboo comes into play, so to speak; in our biological genes and memes.

Therefore, we need to begin to identify these individuals, behaviorally and neurologically, who are actually, quite dangerous for their own sakes, let alone, for everyone elses’ sake, by virtue of brains that are not actually functional, on the higher level of being, for their own sake and there own benefit.  They need treatment, not hate; care, not neglect.

We need to understand these people and work to find ways to treat them, such that they do not act as they do towards the rest of us, regardless of their reasons and justifications.

And, immediately speaking, we need to begin identifying them behaviorally, at the very least, such that we can ignore them when it comes to questions of governing and politics, such that they lose their influence over society and fade out of the power scene as gently as is actually possible.

Such is my prescription for this world.

And it’s only my brain that’s responsible for this teaching.

Silly brain 😛

Think about it.




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