Ignore the Ayatollahs

Ignore the Ayatollahs

If I were in the diplomatic process, I would personally be ignoring the puffing up of the Ayatollahs.Quite frankly, they don’t have the support of the people like they once had fresh out of the Iranian Revolution.

They’ve ignored the physical and psychological well being of the public for the sake of small self personal power and gain; the classic mistake of dictators everywhere.
Yes, they’re going to be more extreme than the elected President, Rouhani.
Yes, they have more official power than the President and are the defacto leaders of their society.
However, there’s more to a society than just the people who hold official political power.
There’s economic power.
And there’s people power.
The Ayatollahs may have the traditional levers of power.
But that does not include the actual will or mandate of the people.
And that’s where their power fades quite sharply.
Be nice to the people first, because it is from them that the leaders of tomorrow arise.
Be courteous at best to the leaders of today, because they have the actual power at the end of the day and courteousy goes a lot farther for your own sake than hositility, even if, hostility may feel like the better option.
Let the conservatives on both sides fume at these statements.But they are true, regardless of what they want or hope or think or do to try to make it be otherwise.

Silly brains.
Think about it!

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