Swiss Economic Sense

Swiss Economic Sense

It makes no economic sense, other than the psychological “gratification” to have exorbitant salaries.

Even the Swiss may abandon these principles, by virtue of the society acting through the government.

What’s our excuse in America?

Think about it.

Because, if income equality has no effect on economic growth, than it stands to reason that having working poor in a society becomes a choice.

And I’m sick of these Anglo-borrowed concepts of keeping everyone else down while the private nobility has their way of things.

Executives, what good is wealth if you’re not going to be able to spend it in your lifetime?

Why should the rest of society suffer for your excesses?

If you want to go Galt, then be my guest.

Just leave your wealth, your clothes, your family, your friends, your home, your political rights and everything else that was provided to you by the blood, sweat and tears of others behind, and go into the woods.

See how well an “individual” lasts in those conditions.

Think about it.


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