Diagnosing a Governmental Situation

Diagnosing a Governmental Situation

This is precisely how it becomes important to be inclusive of the society you’re governing in, such that you’re getting information from the opposition to your government that can help steer your government’s policy making decisions for the betterment of your whole society and the improvement of your position within society as a governing faction.

The opposition and its members, are still social facts within your society, and there may be something of value in there that could help improve your society on the tangible level and maintain the moral high ground within your society.  The object of a governing body is both to govern as well as they can for the sake of society and, thus, put them in a more competitive state of being relative to other factions vying for power in the society.  The object of governing is to simultaneously do well by society, and then compete against all other comers using socially acceptable and appropriate methods to compete against the other, hopefully lesser, factions.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where human beings will necessarily acknowledge their own faults well, and so will not respectfully bow out when their points have been made invalid through their application in common reality.

The ultimate object is to do well by society.  That is the only way to maintain stability within society and to maintain the polity within the society.  Even though your faction may end up being out of power, the ultimate ethic for good governance is to preserve the society in which you are because that is where the ultimate power is derived from for your political faction or the unified political front that would, hopefully, happen for the sake of society.  That is the lesson that has been iterated many times before in the past.  It should be adhered to now, in the 21st century CE, now that we can have these perspectives on ourselves and on the larger world around us.

Such is what I have observed in the world that we’re of and around.  Take it as whatever you will.

Think about it.


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