Spiritual Exploration

ImageI asked a monk for a divination into my future. I asked how I would best serve humanity, who my Lama/root guru is and who my consort(s) might be throughout this life time.

I heard back from him, that he only will take a “yes” or “no”, multiple choice question, and to please concern myself chiefly with spiritual matters rather than the worldly affairs of love and work.

What else is there for the practical lay-laborer like myself?

Why should I concern myself with spirits and the like who may or may not have a positive influence on the very world in which they’re actually living in?

How am I to divine the appropriate multiple choice answers out of the realm of infinity that is the universe?

And, how is it that I must pick my way through in the dark towards an unknown goal or end?

Why did I have to be the one to see?

And what are going to be the consequences for me having this sight and this need to talk about it?

Think about it.


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