Victory with Iran

Victory with Iran

Trust the conservatives and the hawks to have a problem with this.  What are they, but the anti-social amongst us who simply play off of our fears and worst instincts for their personal “gain?”

How do they gain when and if they destroy the very world that they depend on for their lives and well being?

This is a highly significant breakthrough in diplomacy and peace, with the US and the West still maintaining the upper hand, and yet the reactionary, aggressive and delusional people on the Right can’t and/or won’t stand it.

Incredible, considering the health benefits that can be realized if this deal were to stay through.

Think about it.

Because I’m beginning to think that the conservative people of our world are only here to hamper us and keep the rest of us from becoming too great, too soon, or, at the very worst, to destroy us entirely without any lessons being learned or accepted.

And it’s really starting to piss me off.

Think about it,


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