How to Topple a Regime

How to Topple a Regime

If Israel and/or the United States is looking for a way to topple a government in Iran, look no further than the age old technique of providing credibility and legitimacy to the rivals of said regime.

The hard, cold shoulder approach that the conservatives of any country tend to invariably support would throw the whole negotiations off and make it look like there is, indeed, no way to make headway towards peace.  Acrimony would remain, the offensive government(s) would remain in place and everything would just simmer in a mileu of anger and mistrust.

Give the alternatives to the offensive regime(s) a chance, and you’ll see how fast the offensive old regimes collapse provided that the new regimes are actually competent and capable of governing a society.

I don’t understand what the conservatives of Israel, the United States, Iran and/or Saudi Arabia are feeling, but they sure as hell aren’t thinking very clearly in light of common reality and human sociability.

What are these creatures who live among us, speak like us, look like us and yet, behave so very very differently from the rest of us?

Do they even have a realistic (emphasis on realistic) vision of how the world is and how it COULD be (rather than SHOULD be)?

Are they interested in having peace?

Or are they more interested in just letting the old problems fester and boil due to the fact that they’re either too damned scared, or psychologically/financially vested in the old rivalries to do anything positive to get themselves and the rest of us, out of the messes that they get themselves into?

What are the Ayatollahs but the conservatives of Iranian society?

What is the difference between them, and our conservatives over here, throughout time and space?

And, how do we get them out of all of our society’s politics, such that they either voluntarily bow out of society, or else, are restrained by SOCIETY (versus government) from having a credible political role/voice in our societies at all?

How do we deal with the social and psychological illness of conservatism without resorting to overt violence and bloodshed?

Think about it.


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