Listen to Them

Listen to Them

In her own words, based on her own experiences.
And there are millions of other cases like her’s, without being as well articulated.
Poverty is an ugly ugly thing.It ruins a person from the inside and inhibits their ability to pursue life, liberty and actual happiness (as opposed to property).
Yet the conservative ideology would simply keep them poor, and leave them without any help, while they gloat over their fortunes that were, most likely, delivered to themo on the backs of these people whom they employ.
And the rich have the gall to claim that they and they alone are so fantastic as to have built their corporate empires, especially when there is so much talent wasted in the streets and in the cycle of poverty that actually could, conceivably, replace them.
Isn’t that what conservatism is all about?  Keeping everyone else down so that you can have your excess at everyone elses’ expense?
Isn’t that, in practice, what defines the entire ideology and brain type?
If income inequality doesn’t effect economic growth, on the empirical level, then poverty is something that we choose to keep in our society.
Our political leaders, especially those on the conservative Right, seem to want us to be kept down so that they and their friends can personally have everything that their fantastically out of touch and umepathetic minds could want.
And they’re willing to duck us all under so that they can have their’s at everyone elses’ expense.
This is what happens in practice.
I don’t care about their rationalizations or justifications or fanciful mental contraptions.
x has historically led to y in many historical cases across cultures..
Therefore, x can be said to lead to y.
Poverty is what happens when the “free market” (which is really a game rigged mostly for and by those who already have) is allowed to freely allocate resources.  Just look at the empirical modeling of Sugarscape ( for this. No market regulation, no minimum floor and no maximum ceiling all leads to everything being bunched in the hands of a few individuals out of thousands.  And, bear in mind, that that is the resultso f thousands of cases done over and over and over again by a computer.
You can see the same patterns in real life, across time and space.
Why should we all be punishing ourselves for the excessive sakes of the rich?
Why don’t we acknowledge our own actual condition, such that we can begin to grow out of it on the empirical, tangible level?
How is it that so many continue to accept the mythology that trickle down, without government pumping, will bring them up?
And how is it that there are so many small minded, and small hearted people out there, willing to duck under everyone else, so that they can have a marginal leg “up?”
Silly, chimpish brains.
Think about it.

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