Thailand’s Headache

Thailand’s Headache

This is awful.
Yet, I don’t necessarily see these protests as spreading out of Bangkok into the countryside where a majority of the people actually live.
From what I’ve personally gathered about cities, is that their populations are typically politically tumultuous.  The urbanites don’t have the same values, norms and expectations from the government that the rural farmers have.  To this end, while urban unrest may topple governments, it has not historically led to significant regime changes.
Quite frankly, if I were in the current Prime Minister’s shoes, I would not allow Thaksin to come home and to root out corruption within their ranks such that they’re governing more effectively for the sake of their citizens.  The peasants will generally accept whatever the government hands to them (again, based on my understanding of how these things works, from Political Order in Changing Societies and Anatomy of a Revolution), so long as it is benevolent and in line with what they can accept culturally.
Bear in mind, that we have our own corruption problems over here in the US.  It’s just that our government’s members have legalized it in a vain attempt to stymy the ill effects that it has on the general population.
As always, government members cannot afford to use the reigns of power for their personal ends without stirring up this kind of riotous behavior.  It would behoove the government of Thailand, and its members, to govern more for people and less for themselves, if they want to have relative peace in Bangkok as well as gratitude from the countryside.  The rural farmer isn’t likely to rebel against the system unless it is truly a malignant system against them.  That being said, it’s not like they wouldn’t necessarily appreciate more than the bare minimum of effort from the governing members of Thai society.
Yet it’s just a brain type that seems to think that it can get away with these behaviors and actions without consequence in the larger society that is around them, much to their own absolute expense in the long term, as well as to all others.
Think about it.

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