Conservatism v. Progressivism

Conservatism is cheap.

Anyone can incite fear, exploit people’s labor….appeal to their worst instincts of small-sense selfishness, paranoia and fear of anything that’s different, novel or changing.

Progressivism is hard.

It takes time and dedication to develop, a genuine and sincere care about everyone and everything else (including for the individual who’s practicing it).  It requires attention to both the details and to the big picture.

It requires love and stunning amounts of skill in both the technical and personal sides of politics.

If you don’t do it well, the conservatives and lesser people of the world will jump all over you and tear you down, just out of spite and fear, and then impose their own “brand” of same ol’ same ol’ exploitation and imposition of “values” that no one else has or really wants (in other words, contrary to the values of the actual society in which they’re living and contrary to the universal values that makes human life viable and happy).

What is conservatism but careless thuggery?

And what is progressivism but a careful and delicate art form, rooted in science and fact that just gets ruined all of the time, either by the external forces of society, or the internal mistakes that the progressive practitioners make?

When will the rest of human society recognize the value of working with different brands of progressivism, rather than reverting back to the conservatism that we all actually can see, fails entirely to serve the interests of most individuals living in society and, in fact, for all of human society in general, whether the rich people realize it or not?

People get the government and the governing members they deserve, either through elections, or through revolutions.

And that’s just the way that the social world works.

Whether you accept it or not.

Think about it.


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