What About Health?

What About Health?

Here’s a new concept for the businesspeople, the investors and the governments who are making the laws:

What happened to people’s health?

What happened to making wealth produce well being instead of just marginal profits for the sakes of the business elites?

I’m not for centralized planning, and I think that people who work should reap the rewards that the work for (which, btw, includes the workers who produce the wealth in the first place, not just the executives who either do the leg work to get a company going or coordinate and manage the efforts from above).  I also don’t believe we should be pursuing massive amounts of wealth at the expense of our physical, psychological, social and environmental health.  Quite frankly, what good is wealth when it makes you sick, either in larger self sense, or in the individual, smaller-self sense (which, btw, depends upon your larger self in order to survive).

That’s what these businesses, business people, bankers and modern politicians fail to recognize or realize for their own sake and benefit.

And that’s precisely how it is that they shouldn’t be leading our world or exerting a serious influence on our political, social and economic worlds, in spite of their non-rational rationalizations and justifications.

And that’s just the way that it is.

Think about it.


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