Your body is hu…

Your body is human, but your mind is that of an animal. You are a human who possesses an animal’s mind, please, listen to my song.” – Milarepa

Many humans live as humans.  Yet there are still many amongst us who, unfortunately, are more attuned to their animal side, to their animal nature, to their animal (specifically, reptilian) brain.  These are people who are neither sensing or perceiving the interconnected universe around them accurately, nor are coming up with choices and decisions on the higher scale of being that would positively affect themselves in this lifetime or all others that are around them, again, in this lifetime, not necessarily on another plane of existence.  These people are more reactive, less sensitive to the problems that are around them, more grounded in hierarchy and obedience to authority, more divisive in their methods of thinking and less adaptive to change, even when it is necessary for survival, let alone, for well being and happiness.  These people neither produce nor encourage higher states of living on this plane of existence in which we live; in fact, they tend to ruin and destroy them through their actions over the long and short terms.

All this drama happens on this level of existence, not on any imagined plane of existence.  If this isn’t motivate you to change your actions, behaviors and thoughts than I don’t know what else will.

Think about it.

Because I think the time has come for humanity to evolve and move past the conservatism that has plagued our minds and our societies for so long, to realize a new, constantly evolving and adapting conservative state that includes all members of the human species and, indeed, all sentient life on this plane of existence.

We cannot survive with these virtual realities that have nothing to do with what is relevant to our physical and psychological well being as individuals or as a species leading the way.  It’s time that we embraced the actual facts of the world around us, and then governed according to those natural laws and rules that are unbreakable and discovered, rather than those that humans make, which are breakable and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things beyond our social worlds.

It’s time that we evolve from the tired, animal-like behavior of the conservatives, to realize a more flexible, adaptable and progressive day in the present.

Think about it.



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