Ok Then….

Ok Then….


So, the leaders of our Congress (and, hopefully, our President) are acknowledging that we’re less safe than we were before hand.

Groups haven’t gone away and are, in fact, multiplying against us.

They’re developing work-arounds to our technology.

And they’re finding new leaders faster than we can kill them.

Yet in all this hubub, have any of our leaders learned anything from history or figured out how to fight an entrenched global insurgency against the Western nations, Western norms and values that were asserted over other norms and values?

Are THEY going to do anything different than try to kill more people, a technique that clearly hasn’t proven effective at conquering or fighting another group of people? when their values, ideals, homes and families are on the line?

Or, are they going to alter course and seek to live with others, rather than over others; to embrace an ideology and a stance that doesn’t assert the financial demands of their corporate and banker puppet masters over the needs of all other peoples of this planet?

Are we really going to wall ourselves in and become a pariah state in the eyes of the rest of the world, because of our leaders’ actions, and our citizen’s actions for voting for our leaders?

We’re losing Europe.

We have potential to reach out to Russia and China.

We have the potential to reverse course in Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East.

We can fight for a better future for both the Palestinians and Israel.

And we can switch to a more perfect defense at home, rather than rely on deploying expensive technology abroad that seems to be more counter-productive than beneficial for our people’s security and our nation’s well being.

We will never be able to erase all of the extremist groups, sentiments and people out there.  But, we can work to change the conditions of their home societies, such that they no longer have a fertile environment to grow in.  It doesn’t involve us going over there.  It involves us coming back over here and working to sincerely and genuinely fix our mistakes abroad for the past several centuries.

It involves a genuine acknowledgement of fault, at the very least, on the deepest of personal levels, on the part of our leaders, rather than on a public level.

It involves actually feeling ashamed, upset and down in the dumps.

And yet, I don’t think our current leadership has the stomach to offer the private mea culpa for the actions that we took first against the rest of the people of the world that’s needed in order to nip the terrorists in the bud, and prevent them from ever regrowing again.

It’s a matter of fighting with policy, peace, non-interference and respect.

And, if done consistently, sincerely and genuinely from now, until the end of time and beyond, we will, at the very least, hopefully be able to produce the conditions within everyone’s respective society that will get them to turn over the extremists rather than join them.

No guns needed, save on the homefront.

And that’s what our leaders don’t seem to accept or appreciate, from the lessons of Vietnam, the Soviet Sphere of Influence, the European Empires and, most particularly, the English experience in Ireland.

The fight will not end, until they actually are receiving the respect, dignity and liberty that the human psyche craves from us; until we stop telling everybody else what to do, stop dropping bombs on civilians and be more proactive and responsive to the moral sentiments of the human population, rather than to our private interests’ private interests.

What’s it going to be, American leadership?

Unravel the Capitalist Empire that you and your predecessors created and perpetuated and allow a more socially and environmentally attuned world to come into being?

Or, are you going to stick to your sad little peak on a sad little system, and get swallowed by the masses that are swirling around your feet.

Your choices.

And the time is ever ticking….

Think about it.

Because, it’s coming undone.

And it’s only your brains that got you into this mess/are preventing you from getting out of this mess, in the first place.

Think about it.

And, bright blessings

Think about it.


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