The Market

When many people think of the market, they think of the “free market”.

When they think in these terms, many in the business community seem to think that just because the market is free, it means that they get the license to act without care or thought to the consequences that they, as businesses and business leaders, have on the rest of the world that is around them.  Where they run into trouble, as far as they’re concerned, is that the trouble that they create in and for the social and environmental worlds effects them, as people as well as all others who live in this society, in this eco-system and in this universe of ours.

It is madness to pursue financial profit and marginal growth at the expense of the health and well being of the individual, the collective and the environment that is around the individual.  It is a symptom of a psychological ailment to do that which harms the whole for the sake of cash profit, and it is equally an ailment to resist and avoid facing the truth and the adaptations that are needed in order to survive.

The actual effect of the free market, in practice, has been to concentrate wealth in the hands of those who already have substantial quantities of wealth.  It only lifts people out of poverty when the society, acting through the authority of the government, calls the financial obligations of the owners of production to pay out to their workers and prioritizes health, financial stability and environmental stewardship.  The free market as it stands, is just the dream of businesspeople who don’t, won’t or can’t see or stand the rest of the world and the consequences of their actions on the rest of it and on themselves.

What are they but childish adults who never grew up to accept the concept that sometimes, it’s better when you don’t receive what you’d immediately want.  What are their complaints but tempertantrums from people who don’t, won’t and/or can’t appreciate the scale of the world and their actual place within it?

Silly brains.

And that’s all that they are.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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