You Think the Government Reads the Social Tea Leaves?

You Think the Government Reads the Social Tea Leaves?

Honestly, what have I been saying all of these years, now?

Repression, oppression and similar tactics do not break up the protests, stop the ill will directed towards the government and its members or resolve the contentious issues that lead to the protests in the first place.  Look at Egypt.  Or Thailand.  Repression does not last forever as a tactic that can be used against people, nor is it mostly a desirable course of action to do so.  Such is what history has taught us, see my book for a more detailed analysis of this phenomenon across time, space and culture.

Ukrainian people seem to want something different than what they have in Russia, even though they may have a similar form of single party or single faction rule.  They overthrew Yanukovych once before, and the only reason how the Orange Revolution failed that time was because the two leaders of the Orange Revolution were more concerned about having a pissing competition as to who would ultimately be in charge, rather than focusing on the questions of governing and social function in Ukraine.  Sure, it didn’t help that Russia cut off its natural gas supplies.  But if they had handled that better than squabbling amongst themselves, the blame could have been pinned squarely on Russia, which could have enabled Ukraine to do more against Russia, such as withholding support for Russia’s military assets in Ukraine and denying Russia a port on the Black Sea.

Quite frankly, Russia’s meddling in Ukrainian affairs is likely to backfire under the present circumstances for Russia’s sake and interests.  That’s something that empires, imperialists and Vladimir Putin never seem to have appreciated from history.  They’ll pay for it on this level of existence, whether they’re prepared to accept it or not.

Anyway, such is the state of the world.  We have people who immerse themselves in the nonsensical details of history without actually realizing the overarching principles of its lessons, such that they’re able to avoid and advance the well being of the species, if advancing the well being of the species is really what they’re looking to do in the first place.

Our present set of leaders, in the developed and developing world have shown that there is very little reason to have significant confidence in their abilities to basically govern a society with the knowledge that we could have here, in the 21st century about ourselves and the larger world around us all.

A shame that they’re not realizing this for their own sake and benefit, as leaders.

And it’s all thanks to their brains that they’re not getting and, most likely, are not going to be getting these key lessons of leadership and governance, for their sakes at the very least, for everyone elses’ sake at the very most.

Think about it.


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