American Souls

Strip away the fat, more fat, and physical body of your average American CEO, and you’ll most likely see one of these hungry little folks inside.

These are known as “preta” in Tibetan Buddhism; hungry ghosts whose hunger cannot be satisfied. Physically, they suffer from want, even when they have so much. Psychologically, their suffering is greater, as they lack the wisdom to let go of their attachments to that which they do not need and, technically, should not want.

Today, they’re humans in the flesh.

But upon their deaths, they will most likely go to the realm where there is only want, even if there is plenty.

And yet, is it truly their fault for being born into the brains that they have been born into?

How do we hold and correct for that which has no correction at the present time?

Think about it.

Because it’s cruel that we allow and encourage their internal suffering without having a solution to easily and effectively lift them out of their greed, their avarice and their ultimate misery and pointlessness of their lives.

What are executives and investors but money eating machines who aren’t meant to eat money?

The most dehumanized people in a Capitalist society are, after all, the Capitalists.

Why not just say “no” to their wishes and help them adjust to being told “no”?

Think about it.


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