China Accepted My Proposal (Kind Of)

China Accepted My Proposal (Kind Of)

Seriously, what have I been saying for years now?  I proposed that China do this years ago.
And, here they are, hopefully going to follow through on my proposal (even though they probably never heard or read it).
China, and indeed, all countries, would be better off producing their own domestic markets and then integrate trade into the markets at a secondary level.  We would do well to do this as well, as our “free trade” ideology has simply led to businesses leaving our shores and leaving us more dependent upon outside sources and conditions in other countries.
This is the difference between business logic and economic logic.
Business logic is just concerned on the myopic picture of how the business is doing, while economic logic looks at the whole economy and how it is relating to the society and the environment.
What does a business care if they make goods in one place or another, so long as they’re getting the cheapest costs at the best quality?
Yet that’s not how the whole of our world works.
The world is much more complicated and dynamic an entity than any single business or group of businesses.
What is the economy but a vast four-dimensional (at least) networked entity that spans across 3-d space, time, and value, operated by highly differentiated non-rational individuals and/or groups of individuals?  What are these individuals but members of a society first (before the economy) that informs their culture, their perspective on life and value, norms and expectations, with history and personality to boot?  What is this entity we call the “society” but an integrated part of the planetary environment, for better or for worse (as far as the sake of human society is concerned), equally being the effected and the effector of the environment’s condition and, therefore, the society’s condition.
What is all of this, but a gigantic entity bounded by governing institutions, which prioritize, organize, enforce and produce the conditions from which economies (and businesses) start, and how they operate within the society, the economy and the environment?  What is the government, but a bounded entity that is both effected and effector of the society that is around them (therefore, also being the effected and effector of the economy)?
Since when do business people care or look at this larger picture of how things actually work?
Why/how are they allowed to govern our world when they have no experience, no interest and no concern with anything other than their personal profits?
Parts of the world has it right, for their own sakes and their own health.  The public interests determine the bounds of the private interests, such that the private interests do not destroy that which they depend on themselves.
But, only in America and the UK, at the very least, do we have it our society’s expense, as well as at the individual elites’ expense, in the grandest of grand schemes.  It shows in our policies, our politicians’ and businesspeoples’ attitudes and persepctives of things and all that flows out of those attitudes and perspectives.
And yet I, me, the one who called the hand of the Chinese business/economic logic (at the very least, proposed their best path forward), am ignored, simply because, some people don’t like what I have to say or how I am saying it.  I can only say “do this” so many times in so many ways, after all.
And yet, because of their perception of my age and their ego, we end up in the impasses that we do, unfortunately for both of us.
Silly brains.
Think about it.

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