The Flow Becomes a Trickle

The Flow Becomes a Trickle

It’s amazing to see how cash in the economy flows from one business to another, from consumer to seller, from seller to manufacturer, and back again to consumer.

Trouble is, we don’t have a flow anymore in our economy like we once had.  Consumers don’t have enough money to spend, thanks to the fact that wages and lower level salaries have been incredibly stagnant relative to the profits that have been realized.  Millions are encumbered with college debt, which prevents the economy from cycling through.

And yet, colleges get more and more expensive while these retail and service industry jobs (which have replaced the old industrial jobs that we used to have for average people to do) continue to resist paying their employees more.  We need to rethink our reliance on free trade as an ideological goal (based on the empirical evidence as to what happens when you’re allowed to simply manufacture goods elsewhere at a significantly cheaper price) and we need to rethink our priorities, as a society and as a species, if we are going to avoid some horrible fates for our own selves and for our children, etc etc.

What good is wealth, when push comes to shove, if it leaves you deader inside and outside?

What is the point of prioritizing things you don’t need and shouldn’t technically want, if your brain was actually working in a healthy and functional manner?

Think about it.

Because we only have so much time before things go down the toilet.

And it’s all thanks and up to the brains of our leaderships to make it actually be better.

Silly brains.

Think about it.


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