Acting Effectively

Acting Effectively

Has it occurred to anyone that teaching to the test isn’t working?
Has it occurred to anyone that, perhaps, we should be investing more of our tax revenue into education for our young?
Has it occurred to anyone that we should be teaching appropriate material to appropriate ages rather than forcing non-developmentally appropriate ways and material onto children?
Has it occurred to anyone who makes policy that, perhaps, maybe, just maybe, we should be fiddling with our schools to make them developmentally appropriate for our children?
And, perhaps, maybe, should we be scrapping our notions that testing is the be all and end all of an education and begin to look at a) how the children are living their lives years after education, and b) how their lives are stacking up to their peers in other countries?
What is the point of using cheap, easy metrics with narrow definitions of success to measure something that is extremely complicated and broad?
And you’d think that maybe, just maybe, we’d get more support from our teachers’ unions (not the teachers, their unions), the schools, our parents, and our policy-makers in Washington and elsewhere throughout the country on the state, local and county levels.
Think about it.
Because this is how the United States is going to be weaker as a power; not because of any threat to our exterior, but based on the way that we operate on the interior.
Silly brains.
Think about it.

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