Never Has Society Ever

No society has ever really functioned without a government.
Even the smallest hunter-gatherer tribes had/have a system of making decisions, sharing and distributing resources and establishing norms, expectations, rules, senses of identity and visions for their little societies.
That’s what Libertarians, anarchists and low level conservatives fail to accept and/or appreciate.
Without the larger scales of human society, we would not have the essense of civilization that has moved society out from the back-breaking labor of sustaining our own selves entirely.  Those strains of human society who wouldn’t or couldn’t adapt to the larger social group would be the same ones who would more easily die off in the harsh, undifferentiated social worlds that are/were their lives.  It’s a mark of society’s benevolence that such anti-social and small minded individuals are still around to this day, living amongst us, as the very social forces that would destroy that which they live on and that which they have never really gone without for things that they never really should have wanted in the first place, if their minds/brains were actually functional and healthy for the higher levels of human existence.
A conservative who gets his road plowed by the city or draws benefits from the government for any reason is an abberation to their own principles and to the rest of the people they seek to push in the mud for personal gain.
A Libertarian who lives under the protection of the police or votes is a partner and beneficiary the very system that they seek to undermine through their ideological bent.
Yet these same individuals, who have no apparent care (who, in fact, have been shown to have less empathy than progressives), who lack an apparent solid understanding or comprehension of the larger world that is around them (and that they are, in fact, connected to as well) are given an equal voice in our media and equal weight in the conversation when their opinions and beliefs and perceptions of the world, do not have equal weight in light of our common reality which is proven through repeated demonstration of facts and functions of facts in the universe that is beyond our brains and beyond our brains’ hopes, wishes, desires and perceptions of the world.
These are the people who learn history through knowledge of individual facts, yet show no comprehension of the actual overarching lessons that can be derived from their study and, thus, repeat the same shortcomings and failings that have dogged humanity for so long.
These are the people who drag humanity down.
And I think it’s time that we begin to diagnose and care for these delusional, anti-social types, rather than let them operate the living machinery of society, for their own sakes, as well as for ours.Think about it.


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