Steal From the Poor to Give to the Rich

Steal From the Poor to Give to the Rich

It’s a sign of our country’s messed up priorities, when the pensioners who worked their whole lives for the City of Detroit are being forced to bear the burden of responsibility that their leadership failed to have, so that the already flushed bankers can get their money.
It’s not like the bankers are doing anything for the economy with the money that they’re owed by the city.  I don’t see investments being made in society; I only see money market account bets that are earning the bankers themselves a lot of money while the rest of the economic and social system languishes in mediocrity or decay.
I see no market value in letting the already rich, who don’t really spend or consume as much as the sum of the working class population have more, especially when what is left is all that the people living in region around Detroit really has.
Thus is what happens with lazy-faire economic policy.  The rich just become richer, and take more from the poor.  All the while, they buy more political power within our society, and then use that influence to mismanage society and make themselves even richer than before, at the expense of their non-monetary selves, the rest of society and the environment in which they live.
All for the sake of cloth rag or some extra placeholders in a computer.
And you wonder how it is that I’m willing to call them sick in the head and in need of physical removal in straight-jackets.
For our sake, as much as for their sake.
Think about it.

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