Where’s the Vote?

Where’s the Vote?

So, progressives, liberals and moderates of Australia….

Where was your vote to prevent Tony Abbott and his Party from winning the election?

Where were you all when the chips were on the table, in a country where voting is mandatory?

Do you honestly think that democracy is free?

Don’t you think that you, as citizens who are looking after the well being of your own country, that it is your responsibility to vote appropriately when it is time to vote for the candidates who reflect your values?

Or, are you going to let the conservatives and their boot-kissing to the elites govern your society?

The citizens get the government that they deserve.

And, unfortunately, this means that they’re stuck with sub-par, crime-ridden, callous, senseless, ideologically and petty cash driven, pseudo-moralistic conservative governments.

Sure, the liberals of Australia did a sheitty job at governing the country.  Sure, they failed to articulate a new vision for a healthier, happier and more sustainable Australian society.

Sure, they failed on the technical aspects and got swamped by personal politics.

But that’s no reason to say that progressive and liberal government isn’t essentially what people are looking for in all societies, even if it manifests itself differently in each society.

What does conservatism offer but a road into authoritarianism and dictatorship of the private elites?

Think about it.

Because that’s what history has shown us.

That’s what history has demonstrated conclusively throughout time and space.

It’s the same people, the same psychological profile, the same behaviors, the same goals, the same aspirations; perhaps the same neurological profile.

Their exclusive, self-destructive, environmentally ruinous and socially degenerating behavior in government and in society has to end.  Their influence needs to be ignored, shut down, discredited and removed to the psych ward where it belongs, before it kills them and the rest of our species together.

This is about preserving that which the conservatives destroy, that which we all, including the conservatives, depend on for survival.

It’s time that we do away with the old notions that all opinions are equal, and assert that which is grounded in empirical fact to rise above all.

Think about it.

Because it’s time that we put those who needlessly destroy where they belong.

For their sakes.

As well as for everybody else’s sake.


And run them out!


Think about it.


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