A New Concept

A New Concept

How about this for a concept:
We ignore our ideological inclinations, do away with the notion that all opinion is equal, and then pursue policy in the name of the general public, using ALL facts and details of facts to inform our decisions while doing that which empirically and functionally works for the greatest number of people by functionally doing the least amount of actual harm to anyone?
I’m tired of this left, right, center nonsense that has gotten us nowhere, and has done more to add veils in front of our eyes rather than remove them.
Who cares whose side gets into office, so long as they’re sensing and working with the reality that’s actually there, rather than the one that they’d like to have there?
Why not obey the natural laws of society, economics and moral justice as defined by our own society as a whole, rather than seek to impose a new reality over the one that’s always going to be there, in spite of the alterations and “cheating” that you may do to try and “break” it?
Only the human brain, with its powerful abstraction making powers, would think that reality was something that can (or should) be altered for any reason whatsoever.  The natural laws are the natural laws.
If you don’t accept, obey and fall into line with them, you’re only going to do harm to yourself and harm to others through your actions.
That is the lesson that history has taught us.
So, why not make our laws fall into line with our discovered laws and facts about ourselves and the world around us?
Why rig our human laws in such a way that they break in light of common reality?
Silly brains….
Think about it.

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