Tell Me Something, Joe….

Tell Me Something, Joe….

Tell me something, Joe.
If children are rewarded for breaking the status quo in America, then why is it that the government is punishing those who seek to break it?
This is probably one of the most disgusting blunders the Obama administration has ever made with regards to foreign policy.
Not only will the Chinese people not be amenable to these calls, but the Chinese government certainly won’t.
When will the leadership of the United States learn that people AREN’T like us, and that that is perfectly ok?
When are we going to regard the rest of the people in the world as equals deserving of respect, and not subjects?
Honestly, if I were handling this mission, I would have simply worked to smooth things over with the Chinese, asserting that the United States is not going to accept expansion by the Chinese without consent from the international community, yet simply leave them with the comment that airlines should respect the rules of the Chinese territorial cliams and a reminder about the history of empires.
That way, we would have avoided causing this diplomatic incident, while maintaining American superiority through allowing the Chinese to overstep the social limits that humanity imposes upon its leaders.
I honestly don’t know why or how Obama thought it was a good idea to send Biden of all people to handle this delicate matter with China.
Man’s like a bull in a china shop when it comes to words.
But this disrespect of other people, and the senselessness with which we interact with them HAS to end, if we’re going to be able to assert ourselves as a world power in the world, let alone, be a power at all relative to any other country in the world.
Humans gang up on those who oppress, repress and mistreat them.
And this was probably one of the worst things that our Vice President could have said to the Chinese leadership and to the Chinese people.
The Chinese people will rebel in their own time, when given the proper incentive.  They’re siding with the government when it comes to handling these foreign affair issues with Japan and the other surrounding Asian countries.  They will not rally to Uncle Sam’s side, and will continue to be as they are, regardless of what we think or feel or want from them.
Such silliness.
And it’s all thanks to the brains of our leaders that they act like this.
Unfortunately, that’s how their chosen successors are going to act as well.
And it’s all thanks to their brain type.
Think about it.

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