There is no doubt in my brain’s perception of the world, that American society (or, indeed, any society) can do without the current members of the executive and/or banker class.

Matter of fact, they can probably do without any specific grouping of business or banker elite class.  They’re exchangable, interchangable, and you can technically always find people in the lower orders of society who can take, or at least learn, the responsibilities and jobs of the business and banker elite.
Americans will continue to be enterprising, and there is enough literature and technical knowledge out there to make it so that we can continue to produce wealth, even without the current people who are in power at the moment in the private business world.
So, tell me, why should we care if they quit (if they will honestly quit if given a lower compensation package ratio to their workers)?
What part of their jobs can’t be done by someone else who will willingly comply with either the natural laws of economics (where the wealth gets voluntarily distributed to those who work in the economy), or else, the human made laws that would either limit or cap the top pay, or else, increase the bottom pay in proportion to the wealth that is produced by the company?
Even Adam Smith was not so foolish as to ignore the role of the government in producing the shape of the economy, even though I think he rightfully argued that it would be best that most of the economy itself be allowed to take its own shape.  Even he said that workers should receive adequate or above adequate compensation for their work in order to have well being in the economy and in the society (which, in my reading of him, seems to be his primary concern).  With our modern knowledge and awareness of the environment and the cosmos, we can (and ideally should) be including the environment in our economic calculations, such that we’re not fouling the very places that we all live and depend on for survival.
I would argue that government policy is needed to ensure that these bounds are followed.  But so long as the businesses people and the bankers prioritize wealth over health, well being and survival, there will be no peace on this planet or anywhere else in the universe between businesses and economy and the society and environment that it the economy is meant to be serving and conserving.  Bankers especially need to prioritize things other than financial wealth in their calcuations, and they, like businesses, need to submit to the government’s policies of conforming to natural laws of economics, environmental science and sociology for their own sakes, let alone, for everyone elses’ sake.
It’s a question of bringing the human made laws into alignment with the natural laws that are already there, such that we’re living in the best possible world that we can live in for everybody’s sake.  Even the rich who are “benefitting” from this current system are in fact, poisoning themselves on the tangible level of existence by creating acrimony amongst the lower orders, choking off the flow of cash by stowing an excessive amount of it away into private hands (where it mostly does nothing except accrue more wealth for the individuals) and destroying the planetary and cosmological environments in which they live.  If they were producing wealth for others, we would not have the levels of inequality and continued/renewed presence of poverty and public subsistence that we are showing at present.  The corporate and private elite are, arguably, the most dehumanized beings on the planet and some of the most psychologically ill personalities/brain types out there (chiefly because, they are not diagnosed and treated as such by society).
It is time that we elected political leaders who would regard and treat them as such, such that their nonsensical and non-factually based opinions are ignored in the official and non-official political discourse.  This would be for their sakes, as much as for all of our sakes, on the outside, whether they’re willing to acknowledge and/or accept this or not.
It’s all thanks to a hitherto undiagnosed and unstudied disease in their brains and minds.
And it’s time that we begin to treat them as such as a society, such that they do not cause any further harm to themselves or to others through their chosen actions and behaviors.
Think about it.

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