Never Forget

Never Forget

Never forget what Republican values are.

Never forget what conservatives actually stand for.

Never forget what they actually do to the world.

And don’t support them or their policies, regardless of their justifications and arguements.

What is conservatism but the expression of the worst that the species has to offer?

Racial hatred, bigotry, civil oppression, repressive tactics, exclusivity, the proactive prevention and inhibition of successful and happy living for most of the citizens in its care…..

These are the hallmarks of conservative government and conservative policies in action.

These are the very principle that all major religions preach against.

These are what all major prophets and philosophers whom we all value stood against.

These are the people that the Bible and the enlightened secularists warned and fought against.

These are the actual demons who are living in our society.

And it’s all thanks to their brains that they behave like this, regardless of their rationalizations and justifications for their actions.

What is conservatism but petty greed, hostile competition at the expense of the self and the whole and the ultimate cause for the self destruction of societies, cultures and ways of life?

Think about it.

Because it’s right there in front of us.

And, while progressives haven’t gotten themselves 100% scientifically correct as of yet, these still are the defining features that differentiate conservatives and progressives, anti-social individuals from social ones, demons from angels.

And it’s all thanks to the brain as to whether they go one way or another.

Think about it.

And, RIP Nelson.

You’ll be more honored and respected in death than Dick Cheny ever will be.

And it’s all thanks to the virtue of your brain, that you turned out this way as opposed to that way.

Think about it.



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