Well, given Russia and Ukraine’s history, this is not entirely shocking.

Yet i wonder how it is that the current President of Ukraine isn’t reading or attempting to read his society more accurately, such that he can, perhaps, guide himself and his faction out of this mess (if that’s even possible now) and maintain control of Ukrainian society.

The only reason why the Orange Revolution (which originally toppled Mr. Yanukovych) failed, was because there wasn’t a clear distinction as to who would be ultimately in charge of the Ukrainian society.  Yulia Tymeshenko and Viktor Yushenko spent too much time bickering amongst themselves to pull off an effective government that could navigate with Russia and the EU diplomatically, let alone, govern their society effectively enough for the sake of the citizens who live in the society.  Mr. Yanukovych won the election, but he did not interpret its meaning in the most accurate sense.

Hence how he’s getting calls to resign from what seems to be significant parts of Ukrainian society.

As for Russia, I don’t understand how Mr. Putin is thinking that domineering Ukraine is going to work out in his favor with there being so much opposition to Russia’s influence in Ukrainian society.  It wasn’t like Russia’s presence and meddling in Ukraine was ever really appreciated, even as far back as the Russian Empire and the conflict between the Muscovites and the Kievan Rus.  Therefore, why attempt to maintain that which is untenable?

Sadly, that’s not how this present set of leaders is thinking.  There doesn’t seem to me, to be any acknowledgement of the facts concerning human society and psychology.  This was clear and predictable for me.  How was/is it that it wasn’t so clear and predictable for the people who would stand to lose the most for disobeying and disregarding these natural and fundamental laws of human society and the conditions within Ukrainian society in general?

Think about it.


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