The Empirical View of the Economy

The Empirical View of the Economy

There it is, ladies and gentlemen.

The real picture that is the tip of the iceberg of the world’s and the world’s societies’ inter-related economies.

Things don’t always balance out.

People are not really “rational”, entirely “self-interested” (or else, they have a larger definition of self-interest than their own personal selves and immediate friends and family), or are solely motivated by the production of financial wealth.

The system is a system, and it is vast.

It’s not all about the ledgers of the businesspeople’s books or about the amount of wealth that they can personally command or the sole success of their respective business or society.

There is no end to how many ways you can break this down into parts, magnify and increase the view of complexity into more detailed parts.

And, on the legal end, it’s all being operated by people who don’t understand and/or will not understand or accept, for one reason, this more accurate, useful and complex view of the inter-dependent world that is the global economy, let alone, the inter-dependent world that is their own society’s econom(ies).

I think that wealth is generally a positive thing, provided that it is being produced in such a way that it is producing well being and happiness in the general orders of society and that it’s being produced in such a way that won’t kill off our species in the long or short term through environmental effects.  It enables us to do more within our society, such that we can, perhaps, one day spread beyond this planet and begin to colonize on other planets.

However, this will not be possible until we get the fundamentals of holisitically motivated banking and empirically based governing that is directed at the whole of society in place.

Politicians should recognize the benefits for themselves from acting as statespeople on behalf of the entire human society, rather than as lawyers and advocates for a particular side or interest group.

Bankers and financiers should recognize the limited value of financial money and material wealth for a themselves, a few individuals or financially lucrative deals that end up killing the society, the economy or the environment and, instead, begin to lend out money based on the social, environmental, technological and future benefits that are realized from those projects that they provide capital for.

It’s a different logic that I hypothesize will have tangible benefits for the sake of everybody on this planet; one that seeks to preserve and advance the human condition (indeed, the potential condition for all life in this universe), rather than muddle it for the sake of psychological gratification, fear of change or deference to artificially created hierarchical orders.

It’s time that we, as a species, say “no” to the continued presence of conservatism in our governments, and it’s time that we cease to listen to the calls from those conservative members of our societies in the lower orders.

We chose whether we sink or swim at this point.

And it’s just a difference in brain state and type; a difference in attitude, perspective, values, goals and priorities, that will either make or break this species on this level of existence, not on the magical or mystical or hallucinatory world of spiritis, ghosts and other such beings.

This is where we either rise to the occaision of empirically grounded, reality-based progressive government that seeks to do as much good as possible in the world by functionally seeking to do the least amount of harm, or, languish in continued ideological squabbles between people who are too damned scared of change, difference or are deferential to “higher” people in their respective societies.

We either accept the world for what it is and act accordingly.

Or we die.

It’s just that simple.

Think about it.


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