You’re not that smart, Mr. President…members of Congress…are ya?

Not only are you not reading the condition and function of society and the human economy well, but you’re also not smart enough to fight your ways out of this mess through public outreach and backdoor maneuverings, such that you’re able to come up on top over the corporate business owners and financiers.

Some of these Congresspeople, on both sides of the aisle and possibly, the President himself, are ideologically inclined to support existing business interests over broader economic, social and environmental interests.  That means that their fight involves breaking themselves out of those ideological ruts such that they are realizing the actual facts that are constantly developing on the ground and the state of affairs and function in our own econom(ies), socieit(ies) and environment(s).  But the other part involves getting the edge on the business leaders and subduing them, philosophically and physically, such that they’re not able or willing (above all, willing) to set foot in areas that do not suit their interests or their individual tintings as c-level officers of private, for profit industries.  Running a society is, arguably, much much much more complicated than running a business, because not only are the metrics for success more complicated (well being, health and sustainablility/survivability vs. profit or no profit), but they’re also much much more complicated entities, composing of all aspects of society, includnig business, rather than just being one aspect of society (like a business).  The health of the business is not the same as the health of the economy, and the health of the business (in the broader definitinon of health) is dependent upon the health of the society, the environment and the economy separate from the business.  These are just facts about our social world that you can either accept or reject, going towards your own health and survivability as an individual or away from it. 

So, Mr. President, what gives with you allowing current corporations to be counted so highly and favorably in trade deals, when your actual concern as a political leader of society is as a steward of society, the economy and the environment, not specific or existing business interests?

Are you really that short-sighted that you really cannot tell the differences between the two?

Or are you just another one of those corporate tools like the conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans who, somehow, have managed to pass as psychologically healthy individuals for all of this time, in spite of the damage that they actually cause to themselves and to others through their political activities?

Are you having difficulty getting out from under this mess?

Because if so, I’d be perfectly willing and able to help with that.

But I know that you’re neither going to read this nor accept that I can help you and this country get away from a fate worse than death, followed more likely, by the death of society and yourself.

Your fate is tied to the people, Mr. President, not to the business and private interests.

And it’s a shame that those self-delusional people can’t understand, accept or comprehend those concepts.

Why is it that you’re in the same boat as they are?

Silly brain.

Think about it.


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